What is a Cyber Security Challenge Festival?

Tablet Academy have partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK and Northrop Grumman to offer secondary schools, colleges and educational organisations the opportunity to host or take part in a free Cyber Security Festival. These events offer teachers and pupils the opportunity to learn about the importance of Cyber Security and how you can develop your own skills to decipher encrypted messages and defend against cyber-attacks.

What can you expect from a

Cyber Security Challenge Festival?

Through a themed workshop designed for Years 7, 8 and 9, pupils will be introduced to the world of Cyber Security, including the reality of the threats we face on a daily basis and the skills required to help defend our way of life. Working in groups, pupils will work against the clock to stop a simulated cyber-attack. Successful groups will need to work as a team to decipher hidden messages, analyse evidence and decrypt files to identify the individual behind the attack.

How does it work?

The Cyber Security Festival is hosted for a day by a school or college who will extend invitations to local schools.

AM and PM Workshops

The day is split into two workshops, morning and afternoon, each lasting approximately 2.5 hours and covering the same content (approx. 9:30 - 12:15 and 13:00 - 15:30).

Pupils and Staff together

Up to 30 pupils take part in each session (60 total) accompanied by staff from the host school and visiting schools.

Led by the Tablet Academy

The workshops are led by consultants from the Tablet Academy who will guide staff and students through the activity allowing pupils to learn and teachers to observe and learn as well.
Thanks to support from Cyber Security Challenge UK and Northrop Grumman we are able to deliver these events for free!

Why should your teachers and pupils get involved?

The importance of Cyber Security has been highlighted with the inclusion of the subject in the national curriculum. Teachers attending the workshop would gain knowledge and ideas about how they deliver this new curriculum along with a number of links to online resources, national competitions and further advice from Cyber Security Challenge UK.

Pupils attending the workshop would have a great learning experience which would open their eyes to the world of Cyber Security, the risks and the opportunities for rewarding careers. The workshop is ideal for boys and girls who have expressed an interest in coding, problem solving and computing.


Duke of York Inspiring Digital Entrepreneur Award

Pupils who attend the workshops will also be awarded a digital badge linked to the Duke of York iDEA scheme. This is a new programme still in its infancy which is comparable to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The difference being the iDEA programme is based on digital skills.The badge awarded to pupils for attending the event contributes points towards achieving their Bronze award which they can do independently online.


Who are Cyber Security Challenge UK?

The Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more EU citizens resident in the UK to become cyber security professionals.

Established to bolster the national pool of cyber skills, it offers a unique programme of activities to introduce sufficient numbers of appropriately skilled individuals to learning and career opportunities in the profession.


Northrop Grumman

In the UK, Northrop Grumman has a well-established presence and a significant footprint. Our UK-based businesses play a key role in supporting the UK's armed forces and security and resilience requirements. Our UK businesses are also significant exporters to countries around the world.

Northrop Grumman operates from locations across the UK, providing avionics, airport systems, communication systems, unmanned ground systems, electronic warfare systems, marine navigation systems, C4I civil and security, C4I defence, cyber security, aircraft whole life support, IT systems and software development.


Cyber Centurion

CyberCenturion mirrors the US CyberPatriot competition, part of a major American STEM education programme presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation and created by the US Air Force Association. The competition is played by teams of between four and six people. Each team must include a responsible adult as the liaison between the organisers and the participants, and every team participant must be 18 years old or under when the game is played. Each team must play a series of online qualifying rounds, which will challenge them to learn about networking, coding and cyber security.

Think you and your team are up for the challenge?


Cyber Games

Cyber Games is a renowned Cyber Security competition for budding cyber security enthusiasts in the 12 – 16 year bracket. Now in its fourth year and having established a strong reputation for success in a number of UK regions, where hundreds of school pupils from across the country will be given the opportunity to delve deep into the world of Cyber Security through an innovative series of activities and challenges, carefully constructed by a number of the leading industry heavyweights and Cyber Security Challenge sponsors.

The Learning Festival has shown the class the value of applying scientific and mathematical knowledge, combined with use of technologies, in a real-life context. The class became more aware of the need to work as a team, and the benefits of effective teamwork were clearly highlighted. The experience has been superb, truly valuable learning.
Eve McNeil, Beverley Minster Primary School

Why are we doing Cyber Security Festivals? What's The Catch?

The demand for individuals with Cyber Security skills is rapidly increasing and if we fail to encourage gifted young people to follow this career path, there is a risk we will be unable to fill future positions which are vital to defend against future Cyber Attacks. This is why the Cyber Security Challenge UK was established and why Cyber Security is now part of the UK Computing Curriculum.

You can rest assured that there is no catch. Our Learning Festivals are not sales events and with previous Festivals receiving Excellent or Very Good Feedback from over 97% of the teachers who attend, you can expect a great experience on the day.

Where is this happening?

As new dates and venues are announced you will find them listed here. The plan is to deliver up to 10 Festivals before the end of the 2016/2017 Academic Year. Dates are being added all the time so watch this space! If you are interested in hosting your own event then please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate your school or organisation.
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