BT Business Direct Accessibility Learning Festival

Free for Schools to host or attend

These events offer teachers and students the opportunity to take part in a range of activities linked to different areas of the curriculum. The events will focus on the tools available from Microsoft and Windows 10 devices that help to enhance learning outcomes for pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).
Thanks to support from BT Business Direct and Microsoft, Tablet Academy are able to deliver these events for free!

What can you expect?


BT Business Direct Accessibility Learning Festivals are designed for pupils with SEND. The activities provide teachers with the opportunity to see how Windows 10 and Microsoft solutions can support all areas of the curriculum, not just computing or STEAM. It provides students with the opportunity to learn and experience new technology and see how it could help them enhance and take control of their own learning.



Our service features

Minecraft Education Edition

Support students with instructional writing by having them create a simple structure in Minecraft and create a set of instructions for someone else to follow.

OneNote Learning Tools

Pupils to collaborate to solve a crime utilising QR codes and OneNote’s ‘Learning Tools’.

3D Paint

Draw 2D images using a digital pen before converting them into 3D objects.

BBC micro:bit

Participants learn how to code using the BBC micro:bit.

How does it work?

A BT Business Direct Accessibility Learning Festival is hosted for a day by a school who'll extend invitations to local schools, or BT Business Direct can put interested schools in touch with other learning environments in their area. The Festival programme is as follows:
  • The day is split into two workshops, morning and afternoon, each lasting approximately 2.5 hours and covering the same content.
  • Up to 24 students take part in each session (48 total) accompanied by staff from the host school and visiting schools.
  • Ideally each school including the host will send groups of up to 4 students and 1 teacher to the morning or afternoon workshop.
  • The workshops are led by consultants from the Tablet Academy who will guide staff and students through the circuit of activities allowing pupils to learn and teachers to observe and learn as well.

About BT Business Direct

All your IT requirements from a company you know and trust. BT Business Direct is BT’s specialist IT reseller with over 20 years’ experience supplying the education sector across the UK with IT hardware and software. As an academic organisation, when you choose BT Business Direct, you choose a supplier that really understands your school's IT requirements.

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Where's this happening?

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What's the catch?

There's no catch! BT Business Direct Accessibility Learning Festivals provide schools with the opportunity to see and experience new solutions from Microsoft and BT Business Direct. The hope is, by attending the festival teachers and pupils will be inspired and informed about how these solutions can help pupils with SEND learn more effectively and improve engagement, not just the STEAM and Computing curriculum but all subject areas.

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