A Transformation Programme designed specifically for your school or trust

The Transformation Programme is a process during which the current and desired use of technology across an institution is evaluated, and the resulting data used to assist in the creation of a holistic digital transformation strategy.

The evaluation phase provides an insight into how technology is currently used, whilst the pilot phase gives staff the freedom to explore new and existing technologies.

Drawing on information from the first two phases, a strategy is produced followed by a procurement process designed to reduce costs
and establish a sustainable financial model.

  • Interviews with leadership, key personnel, student representatives and governors.
  • Teaching with technology Staff Skills Audit.
  • Basic technical audit (carried out by a trusted technical partner).
  • Potential solutions are identified as a result of the evaluation.
  • Short term loan equipment is arranged to enable staff to trial a range of solutions.
  • Training and ongoing support is provided during this period.
  • Results of the Pilot Programme are reviewed along with the outcomes from the evaluation process.
  • A Trust or School Wide Strategy is produced and agreed by all key stakeholders.
  • Tablet Academy support the trust or school business manager to create tender documents.
  • Industry providers respond to the tender (Tablet Academy can recommend a range of providers to contact).
  • Support is provided to evaluate the quotes received.
  • Leasing, subscription and capital purchase options are explored.
  • On-site staff training and Student Enrichment programmes.
  • The option to employ a full time apprentice who is trained and supported by Tablet Academy.
  • Access to an online training platform.
  • Ongoing consultancy, independent advice and support related to the use of technology.

Stages 1 – 4 (Evaluation, Pilot, Strategy and Procurement)
cost £1500 (+VAT).


The Transformation Programme is charged at £1,500 or the cost can be incorporated into one of the annual support packages below by allocating 2 full-days or 3 half-days.


4 x full-days
(or 5 half-days) on-site support, training or student workshops.



6 x full-days
(or 8 half-days) on-site support, training or student workshops.



9 x full-days
(or 12 half-days) on-site support, training or student workshops.



12 x full-days
(or 16 half-days) on-site support, training or student workshops.


Prices exclude VAT

Claim free training and STEM equipment

Trade in old technology when purchasing new HP devices and claim cashback and Tablet Academy Rewards.

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Tablet Academy Subscription

A Tablet Academy Subscription combines the cost of new technology, strategic consultancy, professional development and pupil enrichment into a simple and sustainable monthly fee.

Each subscription is developed specifically for your institution to ensure it meets the requirements highlighted in an evaluation of your current or desired use of technology.

Subscriptions start from £150 per month.
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Example Subscription

Computing and Robotics

  • 16 iPads (Wi-Fi, 32GB)
  • 16 Rugged Cases and Screen Protectors
  • 16 MDM licenses including deployment
  • 1 Parotec Rugged Charging Case
  • 1 Sphero SPRK Power Pack inc. 12 SPRK+ Sphero
  • 2 SAM Labs Steam Kits
  • 1 Five Port USB Charging Hub
  • 3 Two Hour On-Site Training Workshops (1 per year)

£749 per quarter

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