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Transforming Teaching and Learning

Founders of Tablet Academy, Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke believe the ability to use technology is becoming as fundamental to a child's development as a child's ability to read and write.Whilst many teachers would agree with us, many are unable to embed the use of current technology into everyday learning. This is why our focus is to help schools identify and remove any barriers that slow the advancement in the use of technology in education. We believe by doing this we can improve the quality of learning for children around the world.


Our wider team includes over 25 experienced educators including SEN and curriculum specialists.
Steve Molyneux - CEO
Mark Yorke - MD
Philemon Burney - Consultant
David Fuller - Consultant
Graham Bowman - Consultant
Samantha O'Leary - Consultant
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Matthew Williams - Operations Manager
Simon Johnson - Consultant

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Existing Customers


'Ed-Tech' Industry Partners

Working together to improve education

The Tablet Academy work with a growing number of Ed-tech companies to evangelise solutions designed for the classroom. This provides us with industry insights that enables our consultants to provide up-to-date independent advice and support to our customers and partner schools. Our industry partners include:
  • Platform Providers such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.
  • Manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo.
  • Distributors such as Exertis, Misco and West Coast.
  • Resellers such as CCS Media, Softcat and Ebuyer.
  • IT support companies such as Primary Goal, RM and Wave 9.
  • Hardware solutions such as SMART, Lego Education and Leba Innovation.
  • Software providers such as BrainPop, eChalk and MyStudyLife.

Our Offices In Telford - The Birthplace of Industry

Tablet Academy HQ is located at The Telford Park School, a new secondary school and part of the family of Community Academy Trust schools. Our facilities include a dedicated classroom to run teacher training sessions, a Fujitsu/INTEL Innovation Hub, a Lego Education Studio and an experience centre displaying a range of IWBs, mobile devices and accessories including robots and other technologies. If you are a school wishing to compare a range of IWBs or mobile devices, or an industry partner looking to host a customer focused event, or informal meeting, we are happy to open our doors for free. Simply call +44 (0)1952 567450 or email info@tablet-academy.com to discuss your requirements.

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