Acer STEM Rewards Programme

Acer’s STEM Rewards Programme is designed to help train the future workforce, assist schools & colleges, create critical thinkers, increase science literacy & grow the next generation of innovators.

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Acer have teamed up with Tablet Academy to launch the Acer STEM Rewards Programme, presenting schools with the opportunity to claim STEM related rewards with every purchase of 25 or more Acer Windows 10 devices.

The STEM Rewards Programme can also be combined with the Acer Upgrade Programme that allows you to claim up to £150 cash back when you trade in old devices and the Acer Reliability Promise which guarantees a 100% refund if your Acer device develops a fault within the first year. 

You could also win the chance for up to 16 students to attend a 2-day STEM Camp delivered in partnership with the RAF and RAF Museum Cosford.

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Upgrade Programme

Claim up to £150 cashback with every device purchased. 


Claim an extra reward with every 25 devices you purchase. 

Reliability Promise

Claim 100% refund if your Acer device develops a fault .

As an example, if you buy 30 devices at £270 (£8,100) and recycle 30 old Windows devices with Tablet Academy, you can claim £1,500 cashback and £1400* worth of STEM  rewards. This works out as a 35% return on your original spend.

A photograph and list of serial numbers for the intended trade-in devices is required to claim the £1,500 cashback.
*The devices will not be collected by Acer, but the school can choose to have the old devices recycled by Tablet Academy and any residual value can be claimed as additional STEM Rewards. For this example we have valued the old technology at £30 per unit. Further Terms and Conditions apply

Here are some of Acer's recommended devices for staff and students
included in the
3 programmes outlined above.
trade in 

For Teachers



TravelMate P2
256gb / 8gb / Intel Core i3
15.6'' screen/ 12 hour battery life
hd webcam / 180 degree hinge
From £415 (+VAT)

Upgrade Reward (Cashback) £75



TravelMate P6
512GB / 8GB / INTEL i5
14'' screen / 12 hour battery life
hd web cam / 180 degree hinge
£699 (+VAT)

Upgrade Reward (Cashback) £150

For Students



TravelMate B311-31
64gb eMMC / 4gb Memory
11.6'' screen / 12 hour battery
HD webcam / 180 degree  hinge
SPill resistant / robust design
from £185 (+VAT)

Upgrade Reward (Cashback) £50



TravelMate Spin B311-RN
2 in 1 Touch Screen
(optional pen and world facing camera)
64gb eMMC / 4gb Memory
11.6'' screen / 12 hour battery
HD webcam / 360 degree  hinge
SPill resistant / robust design
From £270 (+VAT)

Upgrade Reward (Cashback) £50



TravelMate P6
128GBSSD / 4GB Memory
14'' screen / 12 hour battery
HD webcam / 180 degree  hinge
SPill resistant / robust design
From £349 (+VAT)

Upgrad Reward (Cashback) £75

When using the Acer Upgrade Programme, if you choose to recycle your devices through the Tablet Academy Recycling Programme, you could claim extra STEM Rewards.

A minimum of 10 recyclable devices are required to use the Recycle Programme


Choose from the following rewards every time you purchase over 25 devices or if you choose to recycle your old technology with Tablet Academy.

Half-day Remote or On-site Teacher Training Workshop 


Up to 4 hours training delivered remotely or face-to-face to support teachers to embed the use of technology in lessons

For Teachers

12 months access to
Online Training Platform


Access to over 40 video-led training courses designed to upskill teachers in using technology to enhance lessons or facilitate remote learning. 

For Teachers

Half-day, on-site
STEM workshop


Half-day workshop for students followed by a teacher training session demonstrating how to use Acer devices to deliver STEM education. 

For Teachers & Students



Consultancy to develop or review
a digital strategy based
around cloud technologies
and mobile devices.

For Leadership

Tablet Academy
STEM Shop Credit


£350 credit to use in the Tablet Academy STEM Shop where you can purchase a range
of STEM solutions.

For Teachers

Support and Training
for IT Professionals


Support for IT staff looking to
deploy and manage solutions
including Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Intune and Autopilot.

For IT Staff

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Contact your regular Acer reseller to order your devices or complete the form provided
below to use the Tablet Academy Personal Shopper Service and we'll collect 3 quotes on your behalf.

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Any questions please email [email protected]

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Acer Upgrade
Reward Programme

Identify old devices your upgrading when purchasing new Acer devices and claim up to £200 cashback per device.

  • Claim between £50 - £200 per device.
  • Claim must be made within 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Photo of devices and list of serial numbers is required.
  • Devices are not colllected by Acer, the school can choose to have TA collect these in return for further STEM Rewards.
  • Cashback paid into customer account within 30 days.
  • Maximum 50 units per customer.
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Acer STEM Rewards

Claim a STEM Reward with every 25 Acer Windows 10 devices you purchase.

  • Choose from a range of rewards worth up to £500 (see above).
  • A pdf copy or photograph of your invoice is required to complete your claim.
  • Maximum 10 rewards per school within any 12 month period.
  • Submit your claim at the link provided below.

Free entry into a Prize Draw to win up to 16 student places at a 2 day STEM Camp taking place in May 2021 at the RAF Museum Cosford, prize includes an overnight stay.

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Acer Relibility

Acer are proud to offer the Acer Reliability Promise on their whole professional product range.

If you purchase any qualifying Acer product before 31st of December 2020 and register it within 30 days, this will allow you to claim a refund of the full price paid if your Acer device develops a fault and is repaired under warranty.

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Acer STEM Rewards

A partnership between Tablet Academy, the Royal Air Force and the RAF Museum.