Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Increase pupil engagement using the latest in immersive educational technology

Virtual Reality in education can help students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and ignite their imagination. Virtual Reality allows you to take your class to another planet and back again without even leaving the classroom. Your students will be engaged and inspired by breath-taking scenes from around the world, gain an understanding of physics by flying a balloon into the stratosphere, experience the lunar landscape like never before, explore the human body and many more immersive experiences.

A virtual reality experience can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of curriculum areas.

Visit a new location such as a beach, an iceberg or a jungle then write a descriptive narrative based on the experience. Students are encouraged to see what is around them and think about how it makes them feel.
Visit the Pyramids in Egypt to seek out shapes in the landscape. Use Pythagoras’ Theorem to calculate the circumference of the London Eye, with a more realistic idea of how big it really is.
See the various biomes across the world. Compare the conditions and biodiversity in each. Travel down a selection of rivers from the Amazon, to the Moskva or even the Thames. Or maybe explore a selection of volcanos from Indonesia, Russia, Ethiopia, Iceland, and the United States.
Visit famous historical landmarks to get a feeling of what it was like to live in that time. Walk around the trenches of World War I or explore one of many museums without leaving the classroom.
Visit a range of temples and places of religious significance such as the Taj Mahal or Jerusalem.
Travel inside a human body and observe how the heart, lungs, ears and digestive system perform crucial tasks to keep us alive. Or maybe take a look at Earth and the solar system from Space to get an idea of the scale of our planet, the Solar system and even the Milky Way.
Visit Galleries and Museums or explore Street Art. Draw a recreation of an underwater scene.
Go on a tour of a recording studio or look at the cultural history of Jazz.
See what it’s like to work for a technology company or how technological projects are brought together.
Take a look inside the workplaces of various professionals.

Virtual Reality

Class Pack

Everything you need to run immersive Virtual Reality experiences in the classroom. The Class Pack comes with custom built all-in-one VR headsets, fast charging power ports and a lockable heavy duty case to keep the equipment safe. Available to purchase in the multiples of 8.

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Augmented Reality

Using the built-in camera, Augmented Reality allows detailed 3D images and animations to jump right out of the page. Supplied resources can be photocopied (even in black and white) so every student can have their own model to explore.

Virtual Reality

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Teachers are able to easily embed the Virtual Reality Experiences we provide into their scheme of work and our experience is that pupil engagement goes through the roof, providing fantastic learning opportunities long after the experience.

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