Minecraft in education training

Free, full-day events for teachers to learn how to leverage the power of Minecraft: Education Edition to support teaching and learning.

Microsoft have teamed up with education training specialist Tablet Academy to offer free hands-on training days to help teachers understand how to bring Minecraft into their classroom and use it as a tool to support teaching and learning.

We can deliver free training days for 20 -30 teachers focused on how to bring the game as an educational tool to your classrooms and deliver your first activity with Minecraft: Education Edition.

To qualify for the free support your school, or Trust just needs to have Microsoft 365 licensing, or over 60 individual Minecraft: EE user licenses.

Not heard of Minecraft: Education Edition Find out more.

Who should attend the training?

The content presented will be specifically tailored for teaching practitioners.

The purpose of the event is to inform attendees how to use Minecraft: Education Edition to support teaching and learning.

This is a hands-on event, but no prior experience of using Minecraft is required.

Each institution can request a single day or two day training programme. Below we have provided an outline of the agenda for each day.

Day One

Placing Your First Blocks: Learn Minecraft: Education Edition controls, settings, and complete a tutorial to gain fluency with the game.

Classroom Build Challenges: Complete activities from a set of 30+ classroom build challenges available with Minecraft: Education Edition. Make connections to content areas.

Managing Minecraft: Education Edition: Learn about features, blocks and settings that allow the teacher specific abilities to control the game in the individual learning environment as well as the specifics that may be required by the content or learning objective.

Assessment with Minecraft: Education Edition: Learn education-specific features and functionality to empower robust learning experiences.

Lunch: 1 hour

Collaborative Gameplay with Minecraft: Education Edition: Complete a group build challenge and experience the power of collaboration.

Lesson Simulation: Literacy, Social Emotional or Applying Minecraft: Education Edition to a Math Lesson: Experience what it is like to be a student using Minecraft: Education Edition in an actual lesson and how it ties to content.

Lesson Plan Review Activity: Experience what it is like to be a student using Minecraft: Education Edition in an actual lesson and how it ties to content.

Learning Lab: Participants reflect on the connection they are making to Minecraft: Education Edition in their learning environment and share in Day 2 their ideas, questions and/or connections.

Wrap Up of Day One: Q&A  and What’s Up for Day Two (or survey)

Day Two (optional)

Learning Lab Share Out (Activity from Day 1): Present your lesson/activity with your groups and with the large group.

Chemistry/Science with Minecraft: Education Edition: Gain a deeper understanding about Chemistry and Science functionality available in Minecraft: Education Edition, and how the game supports inquiry and curiosity for all students.

Minecraft: Education Edition Principles - Game Based Learning: Unplugged (off-line) activity to solidify why using Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom connects to Game Based Learning design and Future Ready Schools.

Lunch: 1 hour

Computer Science in Minecraft: Education Edition: Gain a deeper understanding of how coding works in Minecraft: Education Edition to reach computer science standards as well as build student learning capacity in computer science.

Practice Session: Use this time to continue chemistry practice, coding practice, work on lesson design, or work through the Minecraft: Education Edition Tutorial.

Supporting Educators – Continuing the Minecraft: Education Edition Journey: Explore resources available to educators to support the continued learning of Minecraft: Education Edition.

Wrap Up: Q&A and Survey

*Please note that the exact agenda on the day of training might slightly change depending on the general flow of the event and other factors.

How to book

To book this free training for your teachers call 01952 567350
or email bookings@tablet-academy.com


In order to be eligible for free funding to run this workshop at your school/institution, your school/institution
must a
lready have Minecraft: Education Edition licenses in place (preferably for the entire organisation)
and the training must be attended by a minimum of
 20 attendees.

Who will be presenting?

Simon Johnson

Formerly a teacher of ICT & Computing, Simon is now a principal consultant for the Tablet Academy (A Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner). As well as being a Minecraft Global Mentor / Certified Educator, Simon is also a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator, MIE Trainer and Computing At School Master Teacher. Simon has been using Minecraft in Education for the last 3 years, initially to support the teaching of Computing, and is currently working with a number of schools in the UK helping to set up Minecraft after-school clubs in order to support the use of Minecraft in lessons across the whole curriculum.


What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

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