Microsoft 365
Refresh Programme

Funded support to review & refresh your institution’s digital strategy.

COVID-19 Update: The Refresh Programme is still available during the COVID-19 School Closures.
The evaluation, consultancy and training can be delivered remotely or face-to-face when the schools reopen.


A review of your current technology, its application and its impact throughout your institution.

Interview with key people resulting in an independent report.


Support to identify ways to reduce staff workload, increase efficiency and support school improvement.

A strategy workshop and planning session to identify next steps.


Training for teachers to help grow a culture where technology can enhance teaching and learning.

A hands-on teacher training session to kick start your transformation.

Microsoft are working with Tablet Academy to provide schools, colleges and trusts' free support to review their current use of technology, in order to embed a sustainable 3-year digital strategy.

The purpose of the programme is to inform institutions of the possibilities Microsoft 365 presents including:

  • simplified device management for IT staff.
  • reduced workload for teaching staff.
  • improved accessibility for students.
  • reduced technology costs.

The programme is only available to a limited number of schools who meet the funding criteria on a first come basis.

Funding Criteria

  1. Be a school using or intending to use Office 365 as their cloud platform of choice.

  2. Be users of Windows devices, or intending to invest in new Windows devices for staff or students.

  3. Have connections and influence over a minimum of 5 individual schools (e.g. M.A.T, Alliance),
    Have a case for purchasing over 100 Windows devices (e.g. 1:1 scheme), 
    can provide a convincing business case as to why they qualify for the programme.

How to apply

If you are happy your organisation can meet the criteria above then simply contact us by phone 01952 567450 or email. An initial call will be arranged to discuss your institutions situation and to arrange your evaluation visit.

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Further details of the support provided

The Refresh Programme is open to individual schools, colleges or academy trusts.
When a programme is approved £1,500 funding is released to Tablet Academy to enable them to facilitate the three activities outlined below. However, if you feel any of the activities would be inappropriate for your organisation, you can discuss this with your consultant and the funded support can be adjusted as long as it meets the programme aims.
There is no financial commitment required to participate in the Refresh Programme.


A Tablet Academy Consultant will interview key personnel to gain a good understanding of the school's current use of technology and the cloud.

Following the meeting, the consultant will  create a report including recommendations which would provide the foundations for a three year digital strategy.

A Trust would typically identify a lead school for the evaluation or would provide input through the central Trust team.


In order for leadership, IT staff and key decision makers to make informed decisions regarding a digital strategy, they need to be aware of what is possible. To close this knowledge gap, we deliver an 'Art of the Possible' session to demonstrate what goals can be achieved by migrating data to the cloud and embracing solutions designed to simplify IT and reduce barriers, including costs.

Following the Art of the Possible session, during the same visit, the relevant staff spend time with the consultant to map out a migration plan and structure for the proposed cloud environment.


Once a digital strategy has been outlined, an experienced trainer from Tablet Academy can deliver professional development for staff to help embed the new solutions.

A half-day workshop is funded through the Refresh Programme, but additional support can be purchased by your institution, or funded using industry schemes when purchasing new devices.

Tablet Academy can also provide ongoing independent advice and support regarding any resulting procurement decisions made as a result of this programme.

What is Microsoft 365 Education?

Microsoft 365 is the new licensing model available to schools which combines Windows 10, Office 365, Office Desktop Applications, Minecraft Education Edition and Intune for Education.

This new approach can revolutionise how you deploy devices using Auto-Pilot, manage your technology remotely with Microsoft Intune and increase adoption of the latest tools in Office 365 and Windows 10.

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Affordable Windows 10 Devices

With Microsoft 365, Intune device management and Office 365 your school can save money and simplify the use of technology. When managed with Intune these low-cost devices are built to boot up in less than a minute and users sign in once with their Office 365 account.

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Free Online Technical Events

Free online events for School IT staff and Managed Service Providers to learn how Microsoft 365 can help improve outcomes, reduce costs and simplify how you manage your devices.

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Free Training Events for Leadership Teams, Digital Leaders and Key Educators.

Designed with school leaders and educators in mind, the Microsoft Inspire Workshops focus on how digital transformation can impact on everyday teaching.

With many schools, colleges and universities looking at enabling distance learning we have moved these sessions to an online format to demonstrate how Microsoft Teams can support with delivering training remotely.

The workshop is free-of-charge with limited spaces in each session.

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